• This intensive class takes the student into the metaphysical mysteries of color and sound, studying their relationship to our physical energy system as well as their beneficial and healing effects on our lives. Students learn the cause and symptoms of imbalance, disharmony and disease and practical skills and application of color and sound therapeutics to heal common ailments and assist in the healing of disease and other imbalances.

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Degrees ~ Certifications

Bachelors, Masters and PhD.
Earn your degree in Transpersonal Psychology or as a Metaphysician. Learn More...

In-Depth Channeling

In-Depth Channeling
Each moment is filled with Love, Inspiration and Enlightenment More Info...

Inner Sanctuary Training

Connect with your Spirit & Create Your Sacred Space. Tell Me More...

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In-Depth Channeling

The Next Step on your Spiritual Journey... In-Depth Channeling

Delphi Virtual Tour

Take a tour of the spiritual haven we call Delphi University
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RoHun™ Therapy

The Study of the Subconscious & the Healing of Body, Mind, & Soul

Delphi Brochures

Delphi is the premier Training and Healing Center for Therapists worldwide. Show Me More...

Metaphysics Program

You are about to embark on one of the most rewarding and self-enlightening journeys of your life.

Healing Arts Journals

Explore the possibilities through Delphi's "Healing Arts Journal" published twice a year. More...


Events Calendar

Delphi hosts special events throughout the year and sponsors various healing seminars and meetings on campus or at the Temple of Wisdom. Check here to stay current with these events.

Delphi Overview

Delphi's "in the heart of nature" campus sets the stage for the most memorable spiritual experience you will ever have. Visit Delphi Overview to find out more about our training and healing programs and how you can enroll in a program or attend an event at Delphi.


Upcoming Events

In-Depth Channeling


In-Depth Channeling lays the foundation for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. From former students of this course, it's "The week you never wanted to end."

Connecting with Spirit Weekends

Make the first Friday of each month (except January) into your own spiritual adventure with our Connecting With Spirit Weekends at Delphi.

Contact Information

If you would like to learn more about Delphi University, we encourage you to contact us. We stand ready and waiting to answer your questions and assist you in any way we can. All inquiries are confidential and our staff upholds the highest degree of professional courtesy as we extend a warm and loving welcome to all spiritual sensitives around the world. Please feel free to call, write, or email any comments or questions you have.

Delphi University & Spiritual Center
PO Box 70
940 Old Silvermine Road
McCaysville, GA 30555

Toll Free: 1-888-DELPHIU (888-335-7448)